Get It Sold Easy & Fast

About was born in 2010 as an attempt to help homeowners in South Florida in need of alternative solutions for selling their homes. Back then, banks were foreclosing left and right, thousands were loosing their homes and we had the knowledge and resources to help them.

Today, NeedToSelMyHouseFast is no longer an online only company. The once humble website now consists of more than two hundred local home buyers covering more than five hundred cities through out the US and a multi-million dollar budget.

Real Estate investors throughout the country identify as one of the top home buying franchises. Our reputation is our most valuable asset!

Unlike other “We Buy Houses” type of brands, NTSMHF focuses in 5 core values:

  • 1. Win-Win or No Deal: Never take advantage of people in a position.
  • 2. People Before Profits: Treat homeowners with dignity and respect.
  • 3. Save Not Sell: Only buy the house if there is no other way to save it.
  • 4. Go The Extra Mile: Help homeowners solve more problems.
  • 5. Have No Secrets: Be transparent with the homeowner even if it means ruining the deal.

We owe a huge thanks to Dave Dinkel, Than Merril, Ron LeGrand, Kent Clothier, Robert Kiyosaki, David Lindhal, Donald Trump, Armando Montelongo, and to all the other teachers, authors and mentors who work hard to share this invaluable knowledge.

To the real estate investor community; our associates, lenders, the title companies and the city officials we interact with on a daily basis to help solve complex real estate problems. Real Estate investing is a team effort.

To our designers, programmers, promoters, affiliates, and media buyers who help us improve, spread the word about our services, and find ways to reach more homeowners in distress every day; we thank you.

We want to thank especially those who showed us that to be successful in this business you must put people before profits.

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