Top Real Estate Websites To List Your House For Sale

Whether you are looking to sell your house yourself or you just want to help your realtor market your property to speed up the selling process, listing your house on the most visited real estate websites is a good idea. There are way too many real estate sites you can use to promote your home. After trying most of them, here are top 10 sites we found work best.

These Are The Best Real Estate Websites Right Now

Zillow and Zestimate House Values Logo

Zillow is the leading real estate market place available on the Internet. It gives access to homes for sale and rent, but that’s not all– it also has more than a million listings that’s impossible to find on an MLS. In Zillow, you can search for a home near the best schools, explore the neighborhoods, and even compare industry exclusive with the help of Zestimate home values.

There are four ways to search using Zillow: search via GPS locator, voice search, type in address, or draw a custom region on the map. offers the best tools for both home buyers and sellers, because it provides an easy to navigate search experience, as well as a full mobile search platform with the Real Estate Search iPhone app, mobile optimized site, and Real Estate Android App. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or on-the-go, with HomeFinder, accessing the network will be nothing but a piece of cake. Thanks to their more than four million national real estate listings.

Furthermore, it also has a mortgage calculator and monthly mortgage estimates on every home for sale, and the current location of the homeowner can be utilized to find nearby homes for sale, open houses, and apartment for rents.

trulia-house-values-logoTrulia gives sellers, home buyers, and renters all the tools valuable information needed in order to be successful in the home search process. Furthermore, through the innovative web and mobile products of Trulia, users receive insights in regard with the house they’re planning to buy, neighborhood, and the real estate process while connecting people with the highly-skilled agents.

Trulia is available in iPhone and Android devices, where renters and mortgage seekers can take advantage of the dedicated apps specifically made for them. Whats My Home Worth Logo
Redfin is one of the first real estate websites that offer map-based search. Most people think that the easiest way to earn money was running ads for traditional brokers, but Redfin knew that the real estate will be positively different if it can only be designed from the ground up with the use of different values and technology, where the customers are the main priority.

This is Redfin becomes one of the best. This website has joined forces with agents who wanted to be customer advocates. This allows them to survey every customer who used the service and give bonus based on the review.

All the broker-listed homes for sale and for-sale-by-owner properties that don’t pay brokers a commission are listed in Redfin. Also, this website offers online tools that make the entire process of selling and buying a home more fun and easier. is one of the leading real estate website since 1999, and they have helped more than thousands of home owners to sell their home without the problems and stress a lot of homeowners often face. For as low as $80.95, you’ll receive a wie listing of packages, tools, advertising services, and resources that will fit within your budget.
ForSaleByOwner offers all the necessary resources to get started, attract home buyers, and guide homeowners all the way through closing. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced “by owner” seller, or a novice, this real estate website will guide you on how you can easily sell your home. / Hubzu is a real estate platform that changes the way real estate is bought and sold. Now, everything can be done online in a few simple steps, allowing you to maximize the use of your time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seller, buyer, or agent, you’ll get the information needed with the help of Hubzu.

Buyers can find a property and buy it online, sellers can enjoy faster sales, and agents will get faster commissions the moment they successfully sold a home.

Craigslist. Aside from being a go-to website for selling furniture, giving away kittens, or finding a new roommate, Craigslist is also an excellent marketing tool to sell your home. More than one billion people have posted real estate ads on this site, and it receives more than 50 million visitors per month. Best of all, not only Craigslist ads are free, there’s no need to learn any computer skills just to set up and sell your home.

All you have to do is make a Craigslist account, select option to “post a new ad” and choose the category, “housing offered.” If you’re selling the home yourself, select the subcategory “real-estate-by owner.” On the other hand, if you’re working with a real estate agent, select the subcategory “real estate-by broker.”

Even though the real estate agent isn’t the one posting the ad, potential buyers should be aware that you’re working with a broker. Failure to correctly categorize your ad can lead to getting flagged and subsequently being removed.

Postlets is a real estate website that helps housing shoppers find listings by sending the to the following network distribution partners. Each listing created in Postlets is automatically distributed to partner sites as a way to maximize its exposure, resulting to better leads. Some of its partners are: Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo! Homes, HGTV Front Door, MSN Real Estate, and Hotpads.

AssetColumn Truth be told, buying real estate at full market price isn’t really a good investment. With AssetColumns, you can find cheap houses and other discounted properties to invest. These properties are privately sold without a realtor, which only implies that it has better equity that any property a realtor can find. Investors can acquire these properties to rent, flip, or even sell a rundown house to other investors.'s Homepage

Post your property on AssetColumn

Ebay With the prices dropping to historic lows, it’s now the perfect time to sell and obtain a new property. It doesn’t matter if you’re a retiree in search of a humble cabin or in the market for a palatial mansion, Ebay offers real estate properties that you can look at. Aside from that, you can also find commercial real estate and search for acres of farmland in eBay. is a national real estate resource for those who are in search of an apartment– whether down the street or across the country. In order to simplify the process of finding a new place to live, this site offers renters one of the most up-to-date and accurate databases of millions of apartments around the US. The use of the most relevant products to reach renters, such as walk-through video demos, personalized searches, community reviews, and a responsive website allows to deliver a multimedia experience that allows the renters to easily access the listing, whether in their computer or mobile device.

Aside from serving the renters across the US, it’s also the leading advertising destination for property owners, private landlords, management companies, and even classified listings. Established in 1996, became the largest directory of homes for sale by owners, and in 2001, it was acquired by Owners Advantage, LLC and the business expanded to offer for-sale-by-owners sellers ability to include their home to the local MLS for a fixed fee. is the largest, flat-fee MLS network across the US, providing sellers access to the key professionals listing boards needed to market their home. They’re committed to unlocking and streamlining real estate process for consumers, allowing them to save money while selling or buying a new home.

Backpage Backpage is one of the best web classifieds community in the country. Homeowners can list their real estate on Backpage, just like how they do in Craigslist. This will allow them to reach an even greater audience in just a short amount of time.

Similar to Craigslist, it has an option to purchase sponsored ads that are placed on the top right corner of the page. The ads allow the use of basic html, but you can also upload the photos of your property listing. The most recent ads are placed on top of the page and it updates frequently. Thus, the title is considered to be the most important element in the listing. By posting property listing at the right time ensure a good amount of traffic views. is considered to be the most heavily visited real estate market place in the Internet with more than 9 million members and more than 6 million monthly visitors. It focuses on offering commercial real estate listings in the US, but the core principles of its business is to connect the sellers with the buyers over an open network. Basically, the sellers need to market their house as a form of investment and Loopnet will do the rest. Pronounces Fizbo, offers the most affordable and simplest way of buying and selling homes by owner since 1997. They have an easy-to-use marketing tools that advertise the listing across a network of the most popular real estate websites, as well as MLS. The products being offered only cost a fraction of what the traditional real estate agents often charge for their services. Best of all, they offer a wide variety of listing packages, resources, and advertising services that will fit any sellers needs.

Established in 1984, instantly became one of the strongest real estate websites. With the evolution of the Internet, it stepped into its next role as a promising home selling tool that matches home sellers with buyers while removing the costly commission of the realtors middlemen. Throughout the years, this real estate website became one of the best places to go to, especially for those who are in search or planning to sell their homes.

Fizber is a free for sale by owner real estate website. Basically, homeowners are asked to list their properties on Fizber in order to generate the maximum online exposure needed to sell the home and keep the commission.

Some of the Fizber services include: finding professionals to help in buying or selling the home, listing the house for free, and tools for researching and locating a neighborhood perfect for your needs.

Hotpads was launched in 2005 and it’s a place for homeowners to find an apartment to live. It’s a map-based, real estate search engine listing apartments, homes, condos, and rental houses for sale all across the US. HotPads has one of the most comprehensive databases of location-based real estate services offered with an innovative user interface and memorable brand. They have the tools needed that will allow a homeowner find his next home in just a matter of days.

Your Local Multiple Listing Service
Although the MLS is only accessible to licensed individuals who subscribe to the service, you can still take advantage of this great resource without paying high commissions to a listing agent. To list your property for sale by owner on the MLS, you can use major search engines, such as Google to search for “flat fee MLS” or “flat fee listing” + you city. Unless you live in a very remote area, you will likely find a service offering to post your property on the MLS for a small fee.

Properties posted on the MLS are usually syndicated to hundreds of real estate websites.

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  • You may want to post your deal for free on There are thousands of investors, both institutional and individual looking for wholesale deals, fixer uppers, cash flowing and turn key properties there. Make sure you also upload pictures of the property so that it catches the investors’ attention both on the site and when they receive it on their email inbox.

  • Jennifer Lehey

    My husband and I used Prelist to sell our home last year. We decided to try selling ourselves, and figured we would list with an agent if we didn’t get any bites after a few weeks. We ended up selling in less than two weeks and never ran into any issues. There were never any fees and it was really easy for us as first time sellers. It is worth checking out if you are considering selling yourself or at least trying before going with an agent.

    • Holly Parsons

      I am looking to buy a home privately right now to save on fees and have found to be an awesome site to find private listings! I love the map-based search option as I am looking to buy in a specific neighbourhood. Hopefully I can find my new home and save some money! Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

  • Those platforms are great for sure. However, there is one more service that you can list your property with. It’s called Rentberry.

  • Eric Van Haaften

    Great information on marketing your home. Not to mention, financing options which can be added to your listing.

  • Been trying to sell our house off and on the last few years. We need something bigger. Now we have something bigger lined up and are stuck. We are willing to sell at what we owe and just walk away from the burden of an unwanted mortgage. The home is in pretty good shape, good neighborhood, right outside the city, close to everything, and great school district. It’s a small home therefore, easy to clean and cheap to maintain. We are in a hurry at this point, everything that comes our way falls through.

    It’s posted on Zillow and after checking here I’m going to post it on other sites as well.
    1619 Center st. Lebanon, PA 17042.

    Please if you are an investor I have interested parties to rent it and even a rent to own but I need this mortgage taken I am not in any financial situation to go forward with keeping the loan.

    You can contact me anytime after 1pm eastern time 7177697701

  • I did not know that there were so many different types of website to help people list their houses on the market. I think that listing your house on a website would be very beneficial to make it known that you are selling your house. If you were to just have your for sale sign and no online listing the chances of you selling your house would be a lot lower.

  • Great article Amir! However, it seems like the industry has changed a lot in the past few years.

    What are your thoughts about “agent assisted” FSBO companies like Hauseit? They’re very different vs traditional FSBO and “flat fee MLS.” It seems to be working quite well in larger cities like NYC where comps and public records are easily accessible online on sites like StreetEasy.

    Throwing a grenade at the real estate industry never has seemed to work before!

  • I’ve been researching this for several weeks now and it’s difficult to find something that works in NYC. None of the sites you mentioned above are specific to NYC. The only one I’ve found so far is Hauseit, they seem pretty established for New York. Have you worked with them before?

    I’m not sure if they cover other regions which is why maybe you haven’t included them here. Thank you!

  • Salim Ahmed

    Great list of real estate sites. Craigslist works great if you want to attract real estate investors, not so much if your goal is to retal the property for as much as possible.

  • Hello, to complete this great list I can suggest you ( it s by owner only).
    First, they give you all the tools to rent out or sell your home ( from estimation to flyers and video)
    Second, you don t pay any commission ( agent commission)
    third, they syndicated your home on major real estate websites ( in your list)
    Fourth, It’s free.
    Good luck,

  • Hi Amir,
    Great resource of sites and the pros and cons. Any chance you’d consider putting together a list of Canadian resources? I’m happy to help if you like.

  • Oliverduke

    Great article.It is providing great list of real estate websites.These list is essential for buyers and sellers. people will easily sale your property on this way.Thank you so much for this informative..

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