How to Stop Your Dog From Destroying Your Home

Dog From Destroying Your Home

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they aren’t always the best friend to your home. Damage from rambunctious puppies, larger, energy-filled adult dogs, and older dogs who are unable to properly eat or use the bathroom can all damage your house, including the walls, carpets, and even chewing on the cabinetry. When it comes time to sell, many pet owners get a little bit of “sticker shock” when it comes to fixing up their homes to sell. There are a few things you can do to keep your dog from destroying your home.

Training Your Dog To Avoid Destruction

Teaching your dog how to behave is easier when they’re a puppy. But a good dog obedience school can help even troublesome adult dogs stop chewing, learn how to ask to go outside for the bathroom, and quit damaging your house. Basicaly, you’ll be investing to avoid your dog from destroying your home.

You can also help train your dog at home, too. Many pet owners like using a spray bottle of water to squirt a misbehaving puppy, or clapping their hands and saying “NO!” in a firm, serious voice. Teaching your dog what they may chew on, however, and offering a chew toy as an alternative to shoes or furniture is another option.

Making sure that your dog gets adequate exercise can help reduce the amount of destruction in the home. Bored dogs may chew or damage the house simply because they have excess energy or not a lot of interaction.

Common Dog Damage

Dogs love to chew, and sometimes their toys may pale in comparison to furniture and carpet. Outdoors, dogs may chew at fence posts or wooden siding of the home. Cabinets and doors are other popular alternatives to chew toys, and even the linoleum and carpets aren’t safe.

dog destroying homes

Dogs like to dig, too, and your garden and flowerbeds can easily fall victim to a determined dog. Plus, dog urine can kill the grass in your yard, leaving unsightly patches of yellow. In addition, dogs can bring in fleas or ticks from the outdoors. All can damage your house and reduce its sales value.

Even the best-trained dog can sometimes have accidents, too. A sick dog can’t help itself being sick indoors. And the look and smell of pet accidents can make many homes unpleasant.

Selling Your House As-Is

Selling your home as-is, to a cash buyer, is an alternative that many pet owners choose. Cash buyers are investors that purchase homes as “fixer-uppers,” and don’t mind if the home needs repairs or even has damage from afire or flooding. These investors will make a fair cash offer for your house and, since they have their own financing, will be able to close in as little as 2 weeks. For families who need to sell their home fast and those with a lot of dog damage to the house, this can be a viable option.

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