How to Sell Your House Fast in 2020

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Learning how to sell your house fast is all about understanding home buyers. What they are looking for, where they look, where to find them, who they trust and are comfortable dealing with.

According to numerous research studies on home buyer behavior, potential home buyers focus on aesthetics first before considering other important factors when buying homes. Most home buyers today are turning to the internet when looking for information. Home sellers must therefore focus on these very important aspects before considering other factors. If you are interested in a more in-depth discussion on how to sell your house fast, look no further. Below are some of the most important factors to consider.

Improve Your House’s Exterior to Attract Buyers

Aesthetics matter more to home buyers than anything else. You must therefore focus on creating a lasting first impression if you want to attract more buyers. Although it is important to fix everything that needs fixing in the interior and exterior of your home, the exterior matters more than the interior because it creates the first impression. Drivers and passers by will notice a home with a fresh coat of paint and green, healthy lawn.

Before putting your home up for sale, paint the exterior, weed your garden, lawn your mow, plant new flowers, fix/change the fence, etc. Although these tasks may appear costly, it’s money well spent because it will definitely attract more qualified buyers.

Do All The Necessary Repairs

It is important to note that focusing on the exterior shouldn’t be mistaken to mean you should ignore all necessary repairs indoors and outdoors. You must make all the necessary repairs however small. Fixing leaky faucets, chipped paint, old light fixtures and backyard fences among other problems will suggest that your house is well maintained, and a desirable abode for a loving family. Focus on ensuring potential buyers don’t find any obvious fault in your house to allow faster decision making.

Work With The Best Real Estate Agent In Your Area

It’s important to work with a competent real estate agent if you want to sell your house fast. The reality is that is not very hard to get a real estate license, and most agents don’t know much more effective marketing. The best real estate agents know all the tricks for selling homes fast at a good price. They also might have more buyers that listen and trust them.

A top producing real estate agent will offer you more value for your money because she will have more resources and a better reputation than typical realtors. It is important to note that serious home buyers like dealing with professional real estate agents and not someone who does real estate part time or as a hobby.

Leverage the Internet to Market Your Property

The internet has definitely revolutionized the way real estate is showcased. Home buyers today will most likely check the internet first before checking traditional sources of information like property magazines and newsletters. The power of the internet can’t therefore be ignored by a home seller interested in selling their home fast. There are very many tips to consider when you want to sell your home faster using the internet. Below are some of the most important tips to consider.


Craigslist is one of the best websites for marketing property. You must therefore make a point of listing your home for sale on When doing this, you have to specify you are the owner and the location of your home to increase your chances of attracting buyers. It is also important to renew your ad daily to ensure your listing is visible. Make sure your add stands out above the rest of the listings by adding plenty of high quality pictures, and ideally a YouTube video tour in HD.

Craigslist Real Estate For Sale


Facebook is another great resource you can use to sell your house fast. Look for active facebook groups in your area, and write a post with pictures and videos of your house. It is important to note that real estate investors are more resourceful than real estate agents because they usually have cash on hand. Use Facebook’s graph search to find individual real estate investors in your area.


Asset Column is another website that targets real estate investors. The benefit of selling to an investor is that they will usually buy cash. Unlike most other real estate websites, AssetColumn specializes in distressed and cheap houses that need repairs. The only caveat is that you will be competing with other investment properties, that means you will probably get less than market value, which is ok if you are looking for fast cast. A huge benefit of posting to AssetColumn is that the will market your property by to thousands of active cash buyers and investors in your area.

Typing “People who are interested in Real Estate Investing and Live in [Your Town]” will return a list of people who match this criteria. Leveraging Facebook’s groups and graph search can increase your chances of selling your house in record time.

Facebook Graph Search for Real Estate

Specialized real estate websites

List your home in specialized real estate websites. Create accounts and list your property in the top real estate sites including,,,, and If you are looking to sell commercial property, try These sites are also great resources if you are looking to determine the value of your house.


Use good old Google to search for keywords such as “we buy houses”, “sell house fast”, “fast home buyers”. Google ranks websites according to popularity and relevance. Some popular home buyer sites include, and of course, Using this approach can help you find potential home buyers faster.

Attend Your Local Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) Meetings

Every major metropolitan area has its own real estate investment association. You can find such association if you want sell your house faster. This tip is extremely useful when you don’t want to hire realtors. Real estate investment associations have many real estate investors looking to buy homes. You can attend REIA meetings to network with potential buyers.

Put Up All The Necessary Signage

You must also consider putting up signs on local notice boards. You should also have a big sign on your front yard to make a statement as well as attract attention. Many prospective buyers and investors might just drive by your home and see the sign.

Motivate Real Estate Brokers By Offering Incentives

If you want your house to sell faster, offer a higher commission. Instead of offering the typical 3% commission, you can offer 5%. You can also offer other incentives such as an iPad, a laptop, a smartphone or a trip to Bermuda.

So now you know how to sell your house fast…

We hope you find this article useful! And you have some good tips on how to sell your house fast.

If you have other creative marketing tips that have helped you, or someone you know, on how to sell your house fast, make sure your share it with us.
If you implemented the advice mentioned in this article and had success, we would love to know about it too!


  • Jalil Bin A dul

    Hello, i am Jalik Abdul, just need to know about the cash property buyer around Malaysia Country, i insterested to sale my home type semidetached house double storey location east of Malaysia in borneo Sabah.. i really need to sale immediately because i loss my job a few month ago.. please aknowledge me as soon as possible.. tq.

  • Hello Jalik,
    Im sorry to hear you lost your job. I hope you can find a new and better job very soon

    Unfortunately we are only buying houses in the US and Canada at the moment. I would recommend you go to Facebook and search for groups related to real estate investment in Malaysia. Many professional real estate investors congregate there; it is a great resource for finding someone willing and able to buy your house fast for cash.

    Here are two groups I found by doing a quick search for “Malaysia Real Estate Investor”

    You will have to request to join, but that is usually not a problem.

    Also try searching based on your city and other keywords such as “Property Investors”, “Real Estate Deals”, “Investment Houses” etc.. Join as many groups as you can and keep posting every day. You never know where you’ll find the right buyer.

    Also, I dont know if you use Craigslist in Malaysia or if there’s another classifieds site most people use. Post your property along with clear photographs and well crafted description. Make sure to include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the square footage, and if there are any repairs needed.

    If you want to appeal to investors, make sure to present your house as an investment. List the properties asking price, the market value, how much it can rent for, and from there you can even calculate rations such as the Net Operating Income and Capitalization Rate which investors use when analyzing a potential acquisition.

  • Jake Gibson

    David, you make a great point about needing to improve the exterior and repair all the things that need to be fixed to sell your home fast. If you’re in a different state and don’t have the time or funds to make the repairs, should you still take a lot of pictures and post it online? I would assume that there are people or companies that might be willing to look past cosmetic issues and still offer to buy the property. My sister-in-law inherited a rental property that she wants to get rid of. There’s no one currently living in it and she doesn’t have the money to fix it up and sell.

    • Yes. Whether you are looking for a market value or a quick sale, pictures are very important. If you are seeking a full price offer you should be staging the home and taking at least 1 good picture of each room or home section. If you are looking for a quick cash offer, which will likely be below market value, taking good pictures will attract more investors and therefore more offers.

  • Joe Costa

    You mention a few real estate website in your post. Another great strategy to sell your house fast is to post it on websites such as FlipNerd, MyHouseDeals and which cater more to investors than to consumers.

    • Thats a great idea if you are looking to market to investors. We sometimes use AssetColumn to sell some of the deals that we buy. Thanks for the suggestion, I will add it to the article.

  • Richard Strauss

    I was able to sell my house in less than a month because I didn’t rely just on my realtor to market my home. Having a good realtor is crucial, but it you put some effort into marketing the property as well, you can help make it sell much faster. For example, I made sure all my friends and neighbors knew my house was for sale. I even created a free website showcasing some of the pics and posted signs all around my neighborhood with the URL. I even shot a video tour of the house posted in on Facebook.

    At the end, the buyer came through a friend of mine, but I had 5x more prospects looking at the house because I made sure my realtor was not the only one spreading the word. Even though I sold slightly below market value, I did not have to lower the listing price even once.

  • Gordon Lee

    I’ve been investing in real estate for over 20 years. When I encounter a distressed seller who really wants to sell but refuses to accept my cash offer (which is usually below market value) I sometimes suggest a the following: If the homeowner is behind on payments, I pay the delinquent balance to bring the mortgage current, then my crew fixes up the property and my agent lists it on the MLS. When the house sells, I share 20%-40% of the profit with the homeowner (minus the repairs, holding and closing costs) . This kind of partnership is a great way to sell a house fast while sharing the risk between the homeowner and investor.

    • Raul Herrera

      Be very careful with this strategy if you are doing a shortsale as sharing the profit with the owner could get you in legal trouble.

  • Marilyn Freeman

    Another creative way to sell your house fast is to send mailers to cash buyers in your area. So I think there is a way to buy a list of names and addresses of people who purchased property in your neighborhood in the last year who didn’t use financing (so most likely they used cash). People who buy for cash will most either be investors or people with lots of money (like doctors or lawyers). So the ideas is to design a nice flyer presenting your property, and mail to cash buyers. Say the property is not available on the MLS and show them how much it can be rented for, how much it needs in repairs, and their potential return on investment. If it is a good deal — and that means about 6-7% in some markets, people should jump on it.

    • Agent Trump Hoffmann

      Private property owned and manage by me. These properties include houses in the US, Canada, Europe and Africa. I also have lands and I am ready to rent or better yet sell some of them. If you are interested you can contact my lawyer via email:

  • Scott Harestad

    Host an open house every week until the house sells. Also, if you are scheduling showings, make sure prospective buyers (and their realtors) run into each other so they see there is competition.

  • Selling land or other realty properties is not an easy job as many claims often. Buyer and seller have to maintain some distinct criteria. This more important to a buyer as they are going to invest their wealth in comparatively risky zone. Before buy, they need to physically visit the spot, talk to other buyer and of course, examine seller review and legal documents.

  • Greta Albritton

    Help, I have 5 inherited pieces of ‘dead land’. Nothing on them and 4 lots are EPA regulated to where you cannot build on them. I am on fixed income working part time in a very small southern town. Taxes are killing me each year. Cannot seem to sell because of the heavy restrictions. Any suggestions?

    • Maria Prusakowski

      Check if you are able to use it for
      1) RV parking / camping (the units would have to be self contained)
      2) RV storage (people need to park them somewhere)
      3) Pods you can rent out (storage units that do not need building)
      4) Tiny houses on wheels
      5) Hunting
      6) Offer it for sale by owner financing with very easy terms
      Good luck!

  • These are some every good suggestion I’m a signal senior Co-ower with my sister needing to move fast now I saw keys for cash how much of percent would it be, and how do I qualify or get a loan on property

  • Besides the down payment need, the most significant obstacle for some borrowers
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  • John Ferrell

    I like the recommendation to put your home on facebook groups about real estate investment. When my dad was trying to sell his house he didn’t know what he could do to make it be seen more. I think that putting your house on craigslist and facebook is a good idea for those who don’t mind selling for less market value.

  • Jaimee McCleod

    Currently, I’m waiting to hear if I’ve received a job across the state at almost a 30% raise over my job now. I may have to sell my house quickly and get moving over there. Your points about finding a real estate agent now was good. Also, your points on internet marketing was great. I’d never heard of websites that specifically target real estate investors. You have good tips. Thanks!

  • Deedee Lewis

    I like your tip about doing all the necessary repairs indoors and outdoors to get your home ready to sell. When my sister was selling her home she made sure to evaluate the home, top to bottom, and fixed everything that she could in the time frame she had. I will have to pass these tips on to my sister for the next time she’s looking to sell her home.

  • George Christoph

    Hello, this is a great article and I definitely agree with all of the tips that you listed here, but there is just one more that I would like to add and see if you agree with it. When I was selling my house about 3 years ago my realtor/friend suggested that I offer the buyer a home warranty as an extra incentive that the major appliances would be good for the first year. I was already paying for a home warranty HMS at the time, so I just told the potential buyers that I would take care of the first year and they seemed to really respond to that offer. It wasn’t a huge expense and sped up the process I think.

  • Alice Jones

    I am looking into selling my home. I appreciate how you suggest to hire a real estate agent to help me do this since they know all of the tricks to selling a home quickly. I know with the help of a real estate agent, I’ll be able to list my home with no problems.

  • Derek Dewitt

    My wife and I are wanting to sell our home soon and need some tips on how to start. I like that you suggest attending local REIA meetings to network with potential buyers. I think connecting with potential clients and Realators at a local level will give us the best chance. Thanks for the help!

  • Ernie Parnell

    My sister is currently looking for her first home. She is looking for somebody that can help her give her some direction as to what is a good deal and what she should be looking for. This post is very helpful to her. Thanks for sharing..!!

  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for going over some tips to sell a house. You mentioned that you should try to put up some signs on notice boards or things like that. I’m kind of interested to know how far away you can put up these signs, like if it’s acceptable to do this three cities over, just in case.

  • Brandon Richards

    The blog was well made and the guide was splendid! It is really a good news for those people who are struggling with selling their house fast, thats the tip right there. thanks for sharing and posting this blog Kudos to you and Good luck!

  • Alan Loughlin

    A beautiful post made with great information. As simple as it might seem to real estate professionals, these tips can typically escape first-time home sellers, or even experienced ones. This is a great resource for anyone looking to get their house on the market and sell with minimal hassle. Thank you for taking the time to produce it!

  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for this advice for selling a home. It’s nice to know to do any repairs, like fixing light fixtures or even the fences. It seems like a good way to show the house still functions properly to potential buyers.

  • Alan Loughlin

    First impressions really do count so make sure you take the time to prepare your home for sale. An estate agent will be able to photograph your property to its maximum potential, knowing how to show it off in its best light. It doesn’t mean that you can avoid dressing your home though before the pictures are taken and you start viewings. Really informative post. These ideas will definitely work for the one who wants to sell out his/her property. we also deals in property in new york.

  • Duncan Lance

    There are a lot of small things that you can do to increase the chance of selling your home. I particularly like that the article recommends doing any necessary repairs. After all, home buyers don’t like having to spend money on the home and then have to pay to repair it too, so you can save them from that headache.

  • Taylor Bishop

    Thank you for this advice for selling a home quickly. You mentioned it could be good to do any repairs in the home because it can make it a desirable abode for potential buyers. Maybe it could be good to consider what you would’ve wanted to fix in the home, since others probably will think the same.

  • Oliverduke

    Great blog. They are provide best suggestions of sell your house fast. Buyers are not trust in interior and exterior impressions, but mostly seller are attract and impress of interior location.Interior impressions are attract to the sellers.It is given most important tips for sell your home.Thanks for sharing this information…

  • Sasha Halili

    Thank you for sharing some ideas! I really wanted to sell my house at nuvali as soon as possible, and I got an idea here.

  • Tanya Hills

    Selling a house is not an easy task. And I am currently looking for a buyer. As a first-time home seller, these tips you shared are really helpful. Thank you for these tips!

  • Selena Homer

    Thank you for sharing some tips! We can apply this to our house and lot.

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  • Blake Riley

    Loved all the tips you shared. I believe that home staging helps awful lot when it comes to selling your house faster and at a better price. Thanks for sharing!

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