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Bird Dog Program

Attention Property Locators and Bird Dogs Across The US!

Do You Have A Talent for Finding Deals? You could transform your local market knowledge into cash. We are always looking to buy distressed properties and foreclosures. If you know how to find real estate under market value, we want to work with you! We offer up to $1000 referral fee for every deal we close.

If you are a birddog, and can help us locate distressed properties in your area, we’ll set you up with your own affiliate code, therefore if we close on a property you bring to us, we will mail you a check for 1% of the value of the transaction (up to $1000). As an incentive, we might be able to get you a bonus .5% depending on the quality of the deal.

We are currently looking for birddogs in every major city in all 50 states.

Call (305) 771 1557 to get started as an affiliated bird dog with


  • International Flights

    Hello to all ! i must say that yours blogs are really amazing you blog differently from other you have your way to share the things . in simple words great job . thank you for the information.

  • Ima birdog

  • Hi I am interested in being partners, I am in Los Angeles.

  • Chanell A Brown

    I would like to earn money and help find deal for u guys

  • Michelle Lightfoot

    I also work with wholesalers.I would love to do this . I had several homeowners contact me this week

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