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How Much Do Real Estate Seller Leads Cost?

We try to keep our lead pricing as competitive as possible. However, to continue bringing in the highest quality leads possible, we need to charge you according to what it cost us to generate the lead.

To illustrate, lets use the keyword “Sell My House Fast”. Google charges anybody wanting to show up for that keyword an average of $28.30 per click. Note that I did not write “per lead” but “per click”. Now, if you need 10 website visitors to generate 1 lead, then it would cost you $280.30 to generate 1 lead. Of course, there are other keywords you can bid for which are more affordable.

Google's Cost Per Click

You can check how much a keyword costs by visiting Google Adwords and creating an account. Other keywords we target include We buy houses, Buy My House, Cash For Houses and variations on these. We don’t bid for keywords such as “how much is my house worth” since even though it would be easy to get the lead, the phrase has no indication of real motivation to sell fast or for below market value.

Other companies decided to sell the leads to more than one person and share the cost of generating the lead among 5, 10 or even 100 lead buyers (you). This might work if you have a lot of time on your hands and are willing to compete with other investors who will try to beat your offer, resulting in a race to the bottom. It also happends that when too many investors call the seller, the seller gets overwhelmed, angry and stops answering the phone. That is why at we decided to offer exclusive leads only; that means you wont waste your time talking with a prospect just so 10 other investors steal the deal from.

Unlike our competitors, at, we generate truly motivated seller leads.


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