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Why We Generate Higher Quality Motivated Seller Leads

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

It all comes down to keywords. We can determine if a seller is truly motivated by taking into account the search phrase (or query) he types into Google or other search engine. If a seller types “Sell My House”, there might be simply looking for a realtor to list and sell their house for the most amount of money. However, if a seller types in the same query, but preprends it with the word “need”, we can assume the seller does not want to sell, he needs to sell. A similar example would be when a seller appends the word “fast” to the end of the same query, “sell my house fast” is a much stronger indicator of seller motivation, than the keyword “sell my house” alone by itself.

We work very hard to stay on top of our game and bring you the highest quality, motivated real estate sellers leads available on the internet.

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