Common Reasons People Are Forced To Quickly Sell Their Homes

People sell their homes for a multitude of reasons. It’s important to educate yourself so that you can fully understand all options available to you when planning to sell your property or home.

Damaged Homes
If a disaster, vandalism or some other act has made some home partially or wholly unlivable.
Behind on Payments
If you have missed one or more of your mortgage payments, leaving the balance you owe bigger each month.
Pre Foreclosure
Legal state of a house in which foreclosure proceedings have begun.
Planning on an upheaval or moving of your family to another area and home.
Ceasing to work and leaving the employment field permanently.
Tax Liens
A federally authorized lien in which the government may cease property if the tax payer fails to pay owed back taxes.
Estate Homes
A home which is part of a housing estate in which a number of homes are built together to be as one establishment.
In which the home owner has left the property empty without residents or living purposes.
The legal dissolution of a marriage, both parties may agree to sell the home or it may be awarded to one party.
Expired MLS
A Multiple Listing Service is a marketing database composed of a group of collaborating real estate brokers to offer precise and controlled data about properties for sale.
A bequest you receive upon the death of someone else, which may include property, homes or money.
Loan Modification Denied
The denial of a modification of your loan terms that would have allowed adhering to new loan terms outside of the original contract.
Bad Tenants
A bad tenant is defined as someone who does not respect the home or property, follow lease guidelines or pay their rent in a timely manner.
Bad Realtor
A bad realtor may only being trying to make a sale and not providing you with the service you need in your situation.
Bad Neighborhood
A neighborhood in which you feel uncomfortable for reasons such as high crime rate, poor school and distasteful landscape or upkeep.
No Offers
Where you have no buying offers on a home for sale.
Death in the Family
Where a family member passes away and provides a situation in which you must sell their or your home.
Legal status of a person or entity that can not pay fully or in any amount the debts they owe.
Job Loss
The state in which a person loses their current employment and can no longer afford the home they are residing in.
Owe more than is worth
When you owe more on the home’s mortgage balance than what the estimated value of the home is in its current state.

Selling your home fast is a serious decision and one that should not be taken lightly or without the greatest research and care. Whether your reasons be personal or financial, it’s important to know that you can find the help you need by calling us at 1-800-234-4361. is the number one choice in helping you sell your house fast.

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