The Saint Joseph’s Prayer For Selling a House Fast

Depiction of Saint Joseph on Stained Glass

It isn’t hard to realize that the housing market has rebounded, but it can still be difficult to sell a home. Some people become so desperate that they rely upon supernatural methods of garnering interest for their home. This may seem far fetched but there are dozens of people who claim they have improved their good fortunes by reciting the St. Joseph prayer. This is an ancient catholic prayer that has to improve a number of different situations, and it’s even believed to assist in the selling of a home.

St Joseph’s Prayer to Sell a House

O, Saint Joseph, you who taught our Lord the carpenter’s trade, and saw to it that he was always properly housed, hear my earnest plea. I want you to help me now as you helped your foster-child Jesus, and as you have helped many others in the matter of housing. I wish to sell this house quickly, easily, and profitably and I implore you to grant my wish by bringing me a good buyer, one who is eager, compliant, and honest, and by letting nothing impede the rapid conclusion of the sale.

Dear Saint Joseph, I know you would do this for me out of the goodness of your heart and in your own good time, but my need is very great now and so I must make you hurry on my behalf.

Saint Joseph, I am going to place you in a difficult position with your head in darkness and you will suffer as our Lord suffered, until this house is sold. Then, Saint Joseph, I swear before the cross and God Almighty, that I will redeem you and you will receive my gratitude and a place of honor in my home.


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What is the St. Joseph Prayer

In the four gospels, (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John) Joseph is described as a silent man yet he’s also an individual of great faith. He’s one of the better known saints, and he’s rumored to have died in the arms of Jesus and Mary. This is the same man who was charged with raising the son of God as the husband of Mary. Many lesser men would have left their virgin brides, but Joseph had unwavering faith. Since Joseph was so upstanding, Pope Leo XIII issued as series of letters in 1889, naming Jesus’s stepfather as a patron Saint of the church. However, the prayer dedicated to this devout man of god has been around for more than 1900 years. Earliest accounts suggest that this short prayer was actually written in the year 50 A.D. However, the first well known accounts of people actually using it date back about 500 years. There’s no scientific explanation for how the prayer works, but it seems to do with having friends in high places. Joseph raised Jesus, and it seems like praying to him is an express way of getting miracles through to those in charge.

How Does the Ritual Prayer Work

According to the Ballen Group of Las Vegas, the prayer of Saint Joseph can be used to ward off communism, find a job and of course, sell a house. However, there are different ways of performing the prayer in order to achieve the desired results. It’s not just enough to say the prayer when you’re looking to sell your house fast. You also need a statue of the patron saint. The statue isn’t deified or placed upon an altar. Instead, it’s buried, to mimic the success of the first real estate prayers dedicated to St. Joseph.

The Burying of the Statue

Woman burying a miniature statue of Saint Joseph

In the 1500’s, a group of nuns in Europe were seeking more land for their crops and livestock. They apparently said the prayer of Saint Joseph and buried their medals which were imprinted with his image. The prayers of the nuns were answered as they received ample land to sustain their cloister. This is the origin the ritual of burying something that represents the saint. It was more than 500 years ago when these nuns revealed the power of the prayer regarding real estate, and thousands of others have garnered similar success. It’s believed that the ancient religious ritual of sacrificing something is enough to appease higher powers. The web is bursting with stories of people who utilized the prayer after burying the statue, and they were nowhere near as devout as the nuns.

Where Can I Find a Statue of St. Joseph

The term ‘statue’ should be used loosely, because most of them are actually decorative figurines. The average statue is a mere 3.5″ tall, and they retail for less than $2 most of the time.

There are actually entire St. Joseph house selling kits and one seems to be as effective as the others. It’s important to note that this prayer and the statues have worked so well in the past that there are multiple companies dedicated to making these kits. A more expensive statue is viewed more favorably, because it requires a greater sacrifice.

The best place to begin looking for a statue of Saint Joseph is online; the Catholic Company sells a kit for $7.95 which includes detailed instructions as well as background information on the ritual. The Catholic Supply website has the largest selection of St Joe statues we could find. You should also be able to find the individual statue on Amazon or eBay. You should also be able to find the statue at a local Christian library or book store. The catholic friendly stores are more likely to carry the statues than are the protestant stores, so you may want to call around.

After Burying the Statue

The house selling kits may be better than the individually sold statues, because the kits include instructions. However, there isn’t really an exact protocol, so long as the prayer is said everyday. The words should be repeated exactly, and burying the statue lets St. Joseph know that someone needs assistance in the real estate market. It’s also important to have faith that the ritual is going to be successful.

There are also other prayers that are said to help sell a house, and they can be used to supplement the St Joseph’s prayer.

Psalms to Evoke the Higher Powers

The book of Psalms was written by King David, a man well known for his real estate prosperity. There are different prayers to be said on different days of the month, and the proper psalm for a day can be found online. Fortunately, there are also psalms specifically dedicated to becoming prosperous. Chapter 18 is the Psalm that results in miracles being worked on the reader’s behalf. The sixth verse mentions the lord hearing the prayers and moving heaven and earth to answer the prayers. Chapter 81 is also good for those needing help selling a house.

Have Faith

The AME church has a saying “If you’re going to pray don’t worry and if you’re going to worry don’t pray.” This means you need to have faith that the prayer is going to work before you bury the statue. In the book of Mark, Peter walked on the water with Jesus until he doubted, so have faith that your prayers will be answered and miracles can happen. Perhaps this is how the ritual aids people in selling their homes, because the additional faith provides a boost in confidence. It’s also important to remain proactive in your house selling efforts. Praying won’t do much without action and faith without work is dead. Saying the prayer and filling out the form below demonstrates both faith and the initiative, and we buy houses from people needing a miracle.

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  • Veronica Moore

    What do I do if the property is in another state and I can’t get to it ?? I still want to use St. Joseph but that stumps me. I would rather you send an answer to my Facebook, as I don’t check my e-mail often. Is that possible ?

    • Veronica, what city and state is your property in? We may be able to help you even if you are not able to get there by doing a virtual closing. Basically all the documents are electronically signed or shipped to you.

  • Love of God

    I plead that no one under any circumstances say this ! I am catholic and this is not a prayer. It is a voodoo curse and will not provide you with help from St. Joseph. It will most likely secure Gods wrath- God and none of the saints should ever be treated so poorly. If you want him to intercede for you pray the St. Joseph novena. Just google it. It’s easy enough to find online.

    To the person who wrote this you should take that blasphemous thing down- St. Joseph is the foster Father of God- I would recommend approaching him humbly. Not telling him that he’s going to get the house sold or else. You are putting yourself In a very dangerous place. Take it down while you still can!

    In Christ

    • Veritas

      Agree completely! I used to be a white witch and burying a statue of St Joseph was in my spell book. This is blaspheming God – and a sin against the First Commandment. Avoid- avoid – avoid

    • There is no such thing as a “Voodoo curse.” That is propaganda originally used to instill fear in whites and Africans enslaved in America! Voodoo is an ancient African religion that deserves just as much respect as Christian religions.

  • Dear Love of God,

    I have a question.

    Hi, long story short I am catholic, but am still learning a lot about being a catholic. This includes prayers. I said this yesterday, with only a little bit of my own words. Truth is I was very tired, and am frustrated about this house, I did not think this prayer through at all. Now, that I’m thinking a little more clearly I am very surprised at this what I thought was a prayer.

    I just saw this yesterday, as I am very excited, and anxious about selling the house.

    I know that your comment was in 2016, but I am hoping with all hope that you see this, and reply asap.



  • Dear Love of God,

    Hi, I just wrote to you, and was not finished writing actually.

    I have a question. My question is that is there anyway to reverse this curse? Anything at all I can do to repent this curse?



    • Read the 10 Commandments. It is blasphemous to take the Lord Our God’s name in vain

      Ask a Catholic priest And ask for forgiveness thru confession

      God Bless 🙏🏻

  • Dear all, I have an incident to share here, and also ask for your opinion in this. My husband and I bought a house 2 years back in New Jersey. In March/2017 while I was preparing the garden after winter, I dig out a statue from the soil. I didnt know what this was, since I belong to another Asian religion. So by mistake I asked my husband to discard this somewhere outside our property in a trash can. Within 2 weeks he lost his job, and our financial downfall has started. He is a well educated man with more than 20 years experience in his specialty but even then he still is not able to find a job, and it is very difficult to pay mortgage and we are in a bad financial situation. After May,2017 I thought about this statue again, and wanted to find out more about this. I searched internet for many days and found out that it was St. Joseph’s statue. One of our previous owners might have planted it in the garden for easy sale. Now I am very scared, is it because we throw the statue that we are facing all the financial difficulties? Is there anything I can do to ask forgiveness and pay my worship to St. Joseph so that he will forgive us and bless us ? Could you please help me in this..I am feeling very miserable. I didnt know it was St. Joseph’s statue.

  • Jenna Waring

    OMFG! This is unbelievable! I buried the statue, said the prayer and literally 25 seconds later my agent called with the good news. This is creepy you guys. I am literally shaking right now.

    • Jenna, I assure you that it wasn’t God who stepped in and helped you sell your house, it was just your lucky Day I suppose. Using Gods name in vein is one of the ten commandment that you just broke, you just addressed him as
      OM##G. disgraceful You need to read the bible more my dear!

      • Dear Tina,

        Writing OM##G is not taking God’s name in vain.

        God is not a name…it’s a title.

        You need to read your bible more my dear.

        God’s name is “I am”. Every time you say “I am sick, or I am poor” you are saying that God is sick and God is poor, etc.

        That is taking God’s name in vain.

        And that is why the bible says, “Let the weak say “I am strong”.

        • Read the 10 Commandments. It is blasphemous to take the Lord Our God’s name in vain

          Ask a Catholic priest And ask for forgiveness thru confession

    • “OMFG” I feel sick just retyping this… this is so Blasphemus and so hurtfuI . I know that through ignorance this has been done ( in no way calling you ignorant) but instead unknowing of what you have done. I pray that you break this down and think about each word – for your salvation! I am praying for you now!
      Yes, the prayer stated above is a “ deal maker” and a Threat to St. Joseph which allows demons to enter the souls who pray it! This is Superstition ! Who would even think of burying a blessed statue of our blessed St. Joseph in the ground? Get the statue blessed, place it in your front window and use his intercessory Novena! If a property or home ( real estate) sold quickly after this horrific ritual then these folks where very blessed because it was in God’s time that these sells happened! The peace of Christ be with you all !

  • Is it possible for St Joseph to intercede if you are not the homeowner? My brother who is not a believer in saints is trying to sell his home and I want to bury and pray to St Joseph for the quick sale of the home. Is this appropriate or does it have to be the home owner. I do have faith.

  • Yolanda skinner

    Twenty years ago, was a fallen away catholic but still loving God and having faith, but not in tune with what was going on in the Catholic Church. I was widowed with 2 teenagers and very short of money. I needed to sell my home desperately. I heard about burying St. Joseph, and I immediately went to a religious store and bought one. I buried it up side down by the front door.

    I didn’t even know to say this special prayer I am now reading about. But in my own way I did pray I would be successful. Then the realtor put the listing on the MLS and it sold just 2 hours later at full asking price. But I was so shocked at the quick sale that I feared the realtor had priced it too low. Knowing about my dismay the realtor told the buyer I might back out and suddenly the buyer offered $11,000 MORE! I am forever grateful to our Lord and St. Joseph.

    Years later after my dad passed away, I re buried the same St. Joseph statue at his home and we had a speedy & successful sale also.

  • C. Garber

    Dear Heavenly Father and loving St. Joseph,
    I am so ever humbly grateful for your love and goodness. St. Joseph, not even 48 hours ago our family asked for your intercession in selling our home, and not even 16 hours ago, I told my children of your history and tradition – telling them to visualize and believe whole-heartedly when we pray to you. Thank you for showing our children the miracle and power of prayer. May they always remember this moment and how awesome You are. Thank you for bringing us a good buyer for our home. Thank you for granting my husband’s RN license two weeks early. Amen.
    Our house has been on the market for a little over two weeks with mild interest and no showings the second week. In a span of a few days three people told my husband about buying a St. Joseph statue and praying for his intercession so he listened and bought one Saturday. Sunday our family buried him and said the prayer. Before dinner each night since our family joins hands and says the prayer. This morning we received a showing request for THIS AFTERNOON. Our previous requests have always been at least 24 hours later. I believe and know that this afternoon’s buyer is the one we will sell our home to. Also, my husband is a RN in Ohio and applied for his license in the state we’re moving to. It was supposed to be a minimum of 30 days before we would know anything. He found out today after only two weeks that his license issued in the other state.

  • I nerd to sell my conso. I lost my sight due to a tia. So i need to sell it wuickly. Please include me in your prayers. Amen@

  • I’m Catholic, and hadn’t seen the comment from “Love of God” from 2016 but when I first read this incantation on a different site, I left the following comment:

    Catholics are not required to buy objects for personal use in order to have prayers answered. For that matter, nobody is required to spend money in return for prayers to be answered. If anything, it might be more efficacious to give alms to the homeless, rather than buy something for oneself, but even then, it’s not a business transaction with God. After all, God doesn’t need anything — He is the Creator Who gives us everything. Everything we have rightly belongs to Him. Giving alms to the poor merely acknowledges that He is the rightful owner of all that is. When it comes to “sacrificing” little statues, that’s preposterous and superstitious. I’d be afraid that such an act would be more likely to invite demons into the transaction. God might allow this, but at a terrible price to us. It is especially satanic to bury a statue of the Dear, Holy foster father of our Lord Jesus Christ — and on top of it, to threaten to hold him hostage in darkness, upside down, until he gives us what we want! It’s foolishness that risks our own souls. It’s more respectful to simply pray for our needs without being worldly about it, as if we’re used car salesmen who can dump lemons on God. As. If.

  • I hurried the st.Joseph statue in two weeks the house was sold thank you with all my heart when I went to dig it out it was gone what a nautical

  • Nora Maloney

    I bought and buried a statue of St Joseph but so far have h been unable to sell my home. Please intercede with him on my behalf, Amen

  • Rosa zuccaro

    I did everything that they said to do and its been seven months and I still can’t sell the house .I don’t know what’s to do anymore because its not working for me and I don’t know why.Please help me

  • Pamela Patterson

    We placed our statue as instructed,9months latter our home still had not sold,i was harboring bad feelings about our statue,i felt so bad,i felt it was Wrong,to punish St. Joseph,to make him suffer as Jesus had,as said in the prayer,who am I to make such a decision,what a selfish act.I asked my husband to retrieve our statue,we brought him in,bathed him,placed in our front window by the for SALE sign,asked for forgiveness for what I had done,the very next day our home sold.St. Joseph will forever be in my home,where I am most of the time,my kitchen cooking,where I can see him and thank him and talk with him always.

  • PATRICIA A Smith

    We buried the statue and
    in 4 days had about 6 offers most over our asking price. However I want to clarify my position. Although we buried the statue I do not believe that it held any power after all it is just a piece of wood. I believe the prayers and faith that I said and had is what helped. We are moving out of state and I continue to pray for a smooth transition to our new home. So far everything has gone amazingly well and I believe my prayers to St Joseph is the reason.

  • My mom passed away and we tidied up the house to sell it….right now they are doing the 3rd open house. I have the statue in the ground and say the prayers that came with the kit. I took cate of my mom for 27 years and want to move to Florida. She was 93 and suffered from Altzheimers…we all suffered. I am elderly myself and pray to the communion of saints and Jesus that I have time left to enjoy some of my life. Thank you Jesus and St. Joseph for helping. I will be ever mindful of your help.

  • This is a horrible prayer. Not Catholic in the least. The first paragraph, I was ok with, the second started to lose it and the third is just horrible! Catholics do not pray to saints, we pray for a saint to take our intercession to God on our behalf. We cannot demand it to be done on our timeline and we certainly cannot condemn a saint to suffer until he does what we want! This makes you sound like a toddler throwing a tantrum, not a faith-filled person putting their trust in God!

  • Christina Miller

    I agree that the prayer to sell a home is inadequate. The idea of holding St Joseph buried and hostage until the sale of the home is, ridiculous at the least. I am digging my statue out , and praying to St Joseph from my hart, with out threats or bribes.

  • Karen F.

    Since it was nuns who started this practice I do not believe there’s anything evil in burying a St. Joseph statue to help sell your house. It has long been a Catholic practice to bury medals of saints to protect your house. It is your intention and faith that matters, when you are saying the novena.

    However, I don’t like the prayer with the house selling kit about keeping Saint Joseph in the dark and suffering. So I just say the novena to him for special intention. Thank you Saint Joseph for many answered prayers.

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