Will Someone Buy My House and Rent It Back To Me?

Investor buys house and rents it back to homeowner

There are many reasons why you might need to sell your house fast, but if you want to remain in the house after the sale, it may not seem like you have many options.

Luckily, you aren’t alone, and you certainly do have options to free yourself from whatever situation has you looking to sell your home fast. Real Estate investors are willing to buy your home and rent it back to you today.

The Scary Reality

It’s a situation in which anyone can find themselves; unexpected medical expenses pop up, you find yourself close to losing your home to foreclosure or any number of circumstances out of your control. Suddenly, you need the money that’s tied up in your home fast but:

  • You don’t have time to find a Realtor, list your home and hope a buyer comes through with a quick and fruitful sale.
  • You don’t have the desire or the ability to move out of your home following the sale.

It may not seem like it, but there are real estate investment companies out there that give you options when you’re seeking respite from a similar situation.

Sell and Rent Back Programs

Many real estate investors offer to buy your home, no matter what the equity level or mortgage situation, and rent it back to you. In some cases, the investor will even rent to you with the option of selling your home back to you should your situation improve, called a lease option.

In these cases, a real estate investor will save you the time and stress of selling your house as you otherwise would, using a Realtor and a standard listing, and allow you to stay in the home as a lessee.

This option is ideal for people whose homes are in danger of foreclosure. Many people can get refinancing, or a home equity line of credit (HELOC) for flexibility, but in the most extreme cases the equity might simply not be there to bargain with.

How It Works

If you opt for this program, be aware of the things you should expect from investment firms:

  • The real estate investor has to profit from a potential deal. Be aware that if you agree to a sell and rent back arrangement, you’ll likely be selling your home below its market value, to some degree. Depending on the specifics of the deal, the investor may also elect to charge you a rental rate above what similar sized homes in the same area are being rented for. This is because the investor is making a profit off of your home in exchange for freeing you from the financial and legal obligations of homeownership.
  • Beware of illegal practices. For example, if you find an investor that is willing to force a short sale of your property and sell it back to you at that reduced price, this is fraud. If the liens on your property are too much for you or you are in arrears with your mortgage, look into government programs designed to help you in these situations.

Sell and rent back programs are a godsend for those in dire need of liquidity or in danger of losing their home, but still maintain an attachment to their house and their lifestyle. Once you’ve exhausted other options and you’ve found that your equity is too unstable to get you a new line of credit or a refinancing arrangement, a sell and rent back program may be the only option to rescue you from your dire situation.

If you are looking for someone to buy your house and rent it back to you for any reason, fill out the form below or contact our offices at 1-800-234-4361 to see how we can find a solution for your real estate distress.

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  • Mariah Carter

    I really like the home I live in but unfortunately my mortgage payment is just too high. I tried refinancing with HARP but I didn’t qualify. I am looking for someone to buy my house and rent it back to me. If you are buying in Houston, TX please contact me.

    • Hello Mariah,
      Yes, we buy in Houston. Kindly fill out the form with your name and telephone number and one of our expert home buyers in Houston will contact you.

      • I have a situation here I’m on disability I had money from my lump sum of disability it is running out really really quick my daughter is moving to Florida in June she wants me to come with her but she’s living at her mother-in-law’s house in Florida for 9 months so she can get a job and get settled with her own house and then bring me but the problem is I’m not going to be able to pay my rent plus all my utilities so I was looking for someone to Maybe by flipping cell but then I have no place to go 2 so someone told me about the option of buying your house and renting it back to you for as long as you need be is this true I would appreciate any info you can give thank you I’m in desperate need and don’t know what else to do I’m getting stressed out

  • Why would anyone want to sell their house just to rent it back? Wouldn’t they be paying more in rent than what what they are paying for the loan?

    • Most homeowners looking for this kind of arrangement are either looking for cash to cover some unexpected expense, or are so behind on payments they realize the only way to keep living in the house they love is for someone else to bring the mortgage current and rent it back to them, often requiring the buyer to negotiate a short sale.

  • Heather Gardner

    I am trying to find an investor to purchase a home that I have already found in Frederick, MD. I would like to do a lease option or rent to own for the first three years and then get my own conventional loan. I need the costs of renovations to be included in the home purchase. Please let me know if you have any investors that will do something like this.


    • Heather,

      Please send us a private message with your details though our contact form and we will put you in contact with an investor in your area who might be able to help you out. Alternatively, I would suggest you visit your local REIA meeting and pitch the deal to investors.

      • Pamela Smith

        Sounds like you might know a invester that will buy a house for me that i can rent to own for a few years and then purchase.

      • Trae Hudson

        I have a home that I would LITERALLY like to do the same thing in. Please let me know if you guys could help I live in Colorado and the home is in Black Hawk

      • Steven Smith

        Mr. Seliger–I own a house in a good suburban area in greater Cleveland, 3 bedroom colonial on a lush 1/4 acre lot. $180,000 range. Mortgage fully current in payments. I’d like to sell to an investor and lease the house back for one year at about the present market rate for rentals, with me also guaranteed at least 2 annual renewal options at a rent that would be increased commensurate to the rise in the consumer price index, plus any increases in the property taxes.

    • Pamela Smith

      This exactly what I would like to do too. Have you had any luck finding anyone?

  • Heather Gardner,
    i Know someone very knowledgable who can help with your situation.
    give me a call 571-480-6083

    • Im in land contract, my wife lost her job due to covid, my part time business crashed, we fell behind, now owner went to attorney we got letter of default, we have money to make payments. But i can only use my income for mortgage cause her short work history, im want investor to buy it, then i buy it back in 2 or 3 years

  • Mr Real Estate

    Very useful article. The only thing I would add is that homeowners should consult with their attorney (at the investors cost) in order to avoid equity stripping scams. Also, it would be wise for the homeowner to negotiate the first and last month and deposit payments as part of the deal.

  • Sixto Gonzalez

    I located in Laredo TX and I will like to know about this program sell the house and rented back, my situation I have 4 years left to retired and my mortgage is a VA loan. After the 4yr I will move from Laredo and relocate up north. I can keep my mortgage up to retired but then I have to lock for realtor, showing the house ect. and I will like to avoid this problem please let me know what is the best solution

  • Hello, my husband and I would like help from an investor to purchase a home that we choose or we choose with them to rent back for 2-3 year with the intent of securing our own mortgage on the property at that time. We need relief from the high price of rent in our market and need financial relief and a new start. Is there help available? Thank you!

    • Adam Favors

      I am in the same situation. I found a home I really want but can’t obtain a mortgage until July of next year.

  • I am looking for someone to buy a house and allow me to lease/rent back until such time as I can secure traditional financing. I am in a suburb of Denver and rents are oppressive and making it so I can’t support myself or my family. Do you know anyone that I could work with to help me?

    With great gratitude,

  • I am looking for someone to buy a 4-5 bedroom home in Northwest kansas for myself and soon to be husband and 3 step kids living in a 3 bedroom trailer is just not working for us and we don’t have the credit to buy

  • carlene gaines

    I am trying to save my house. I live in New York city. I am trying to find a legitimate Non-scam real estate investor who will buy my house, and lease it back to me. Or an investor who will buy my property at the auction and sell it back to me, the previous owner. Can I get a preapproval letter. I have attachment to the home. Its sentimental value.

  • Do you buy homes in Chgo? We want to stay in our home, want to rent\lease it so we don’t hav to move. Can pay standard rental rates. would like to talk w\you. What do we do now? Thank You

  • Viola K Register

    We lived in my home my parents bought in 1972. My husband had the mortgage, he had money problems without my knowledge and my family was evicted the same day my love passed away. I am in total agony knowing that someone else will live in my house where we were raised and I raised 5 children and 5 grandchildren. The house has been flipped and has been on the market for one week. I’ve been working on my credit every day. I had a knee replacement and am finally back at my job and I get a nice sum from SS. I am in San Antonio and my/ the house is in Ga. 1323 Peacock Ave. I need help quick. If someone can buy it for me and I make pmts to them that would be great because I’m stuck in an apt. lease until 7/17. I just need my family all back together after what I’ve been thru!! Please help me This home is my childrens heritage!!!

  • Kenneth Corbett

    I live in pahrump nv and i wont to sell my house and rent it back can yoi help me

  • Samantha Marta

    My husband and I are looking to see if there is someone who would buy the house we are living at. It was owed by my grandparents. But my relatives (uncles and aunt) want to sell it to get the money and we want to buy it because our kids we were born here and has been our dream to stay here and continue to raise them here. We’ve been trying to get a loan but our credit is less then perfect (trying to repair and establish) but at the time my grandmother passed my husband was just finishing his degree and he hadnt started to worked a stable full time job in which he went to school for. We now have the income from both his full time and his old job ( working part time for 10yrs). We hoping maybe there is someone who would buy the house and we would then buy the house in 2 to 3 yrs once. We are located in Downey, California

  • Looking for investor to purchase our home and rent it back to us and after one year we will purchase it back at market rate. All leads appreciated.

  • Jan Kemp

    I’m looking for someone to buy my home and then rent it back out to my husband and I. We live in Phenix City, AL

  • Kim Russ

    My husband and I are in desperate need of an investor to buy our home and rent/lease it back to us for a short period of time till we can repurchase the house. We only have two months left before we have to be out so this has to happen somewhat quickly. I don’t want to lose our home due to the mortgage companies mistakes!!! Please help!!! (We are in Michigan)

  • We live in the Suburbs of Illinois and currently rent home through a builder, however we would like to purchase the home, but our credit wouldn’t allow us to qualify through numerous health issues with my wife. We are looking for an investor to purchase the properties from the builder, then lease/rent back for one year until we can qualify for the loan.

  • Vanessa Rodriguez

    I live in San Antonio and we are looking for someone to buy the house that we are living in and rent to own it. We have already been here for 3 years, but the owner sold under our nose and now the new owner wants cash for the house that we have done work on already and don’t want to leave. Let me know if you have anyone that can help me please.

  • sandy kessler

    I need to leave my house ,unhealthy ,I found a very inexoensive home , easy monthly payments , but cannot mortgage right now,still have mdical bills and credit report with errors(need to get a co to work on it have tried myself not working),paid thousandsso out of paocjet medical and 100 per cent pay back – lower credit score but moving upward.I wouod qualify in less than 2 years with investor help .

  • Adam Gaddis

    Hi I live in Brighton CO I am renting a house currently and the owner wants to sell soon my family and I love this house and want to stay but don’t have the credit nor down payment to buy ourselves is there someone who could buy and lease to own to me any comments or help I would appreciate thank you

  • Christine

    My house was foreclosed on and now. Bank owns it we still live in it for now. Is there some way someone will buy it and rent/lease to us?

  • Hello,

    I’m looking to sell my house and then rent it back. Is this something that you do in MN

  • I am looking for someone to buy my house and SELL it back to me on contract over a four year period

  • I live in fostoria ohio, and am looking for someone to purchase the house I am currently renting from the owner who wants to sell. And rent it back to us with the option of purchasing in the future.

  • Hello …
    My home is in Silicon Valley (San Jose) … fully paid … $1 mil+. Would like to sell and leaseback … the funds will be used to start a new, lucrative business. Are you interested?

  • Tracy Jones

    I have about 180K equity in my NW Houston suburb home (Woodlands area) against value. (owing about 70K on the original loan of 200K with a current home value of approx 250K). I am looking to get about 60-80K in cash and willing to use the remaining equity to “prepay” a 4-5 year lease to remain in the home- maybe with an option to continue leasing after that based upon a agreed % of current value at the end of the lease. Is this the type of thing anyone does? Seems like a no-brainer type of option for an investor with cash, but just don’t know if this type of service exists…

  • I have found a home in Riverside, CA, in a new development. I’m in search of an investor that will purchase the home, rent it to me for 2-3, and sell to me. I have income to cover down payment and mortgage.

    I’ve noticed that no one has replied to other post for a while, please reply by email is also fine. I thank you in advance.

  • I would like more information. I live in Salem Or and run an in-home daycare for the past 19 yrs. I would be interested in selling my house to free up equity and be debt free yet still live and continue to do my business for a few more yrs. I have lived in my home for 20 yrs.

    I too notice not many replies, so perhaps this site is no longer active.

  • Maxine Davie

    I need help with so much my house is going to go into foreclosure and I would rather sell the house and live in the house then lose it
    I would like some body to rent it to me for a lower rate.
    I’m in fear of losing my house please help me

  • am looking for someone to purchase home with lease option buy back . my kids go to school here and my company is home based

  • Mamie Mellerson

    Would to speak with an investor who will buy a house I have found in South Carolina and want to buy but does not qualify at this time, but the investor will purchase and rent to me with options to buy in 3 years.

  • I am in the process of getting my credit back to where it needs to be. I expect to have it where i need it within the next 6 months. I am a veteran with my VA Eligibility Certificate, and i would like to know if you would be interested in purchasing a home for us and we rent it from you for 6 months max, then buy it using my VA financing.

  • I need an investor to purchase the house I am living in. The person that purchased it does not want to rent it and I can’t buy it back at this time but would like to rent it until I am able to do so.

  • Stephen Craig

    I have about $58,000 equity in my home. I am facing a foreclosure soon due to a 2nd mortgage of $675.00 payment that we cant pay right now due to loss of income due to illness and the servicing company who has it not willing to work with us. My first mortgage and all bills are current. It would be hard to move with my wife’s illness. We would like to rent back for 1 year, increase our credit score so we could go by a smaller home

  • Josephine Reynolds

    I need someone to buy a house for me my credit is not good enough to buy I can pay the monthly amount just can’t get finance can someone help me?

  • I would like to sell my house in a short sell situation and then lease back. Could I get some feedback or help? Thank you,

  • My mother is 93. We would like to sell her house and let her rent it back until she passes

  • We are in Brigham City Utah. We are looking for an investor to buy a home and lease it back to us. How do I find one?

  • Paula Arnold

    Hello, I am 4 months behind on my mortgage payment due to my husbands passing and my son was helping me make the payments and now he has a bad knee in which he needs surgery so all this has put me behind and now the mortgage company is going to put me into foreclosure. I want to remain in my home. Looking for an honest person who would be willing to buy my home and rent/lease it back to me. I owe $58,000. I live in York, PA. Thank you.

  • Looking for someone to be basically my bank. I would find the property, they would buy it and be my lien holder, and within 24 months get a loan on my own to release them.
    I’m looking at properties between 100k-125k

  • I’m able to make my payments but my Health is not so good. I was wondering if someone would bye my home and rent it back to me?

  • Ayinde Usher

    I am looking for a real estate investment firm or real estate investor to buy my home and rent it back to me. We live in Torrance,CA 90504.

  • Nicole Wilks

    needing to sell home and rent it back. Currently in under a bankruptcy 13

  • Im in auction status at this time in Nj. They want $25,000 to purchse the home. I am looking for an investor that is willing to buy the home from the auction and than do lease to puchase. I dont have a lot of time. My children and I love the house, schools and neighborhood

  • Steven Scott smith, Esq.

    do you know anyone in Ohio who will buy and lease back a house? i have one in a fine neighborhood, and can pay a fair rent with no difficulty.

  • I’m currently located in Clinton, MD and I was interest in the program that you can sell your home and rent it back. I will be retiring in 3 1/2 years and relocate to Delaware. I wanted to avoid the problem of having a renter or having sell the property before I relocate. The mortgage is being paid on time, with no problems.

  • I am located in NJ. A few days back even I was searching for someone who could buy my house and rent it back to me and surprisingly Lovi real estate NJ person helped me a lot. I would recommend you take the help of them.

  • Jeannie Allee

    I’m looking to sell my house with today’s price guarantee in 4 years. Investors keep all equity from pos. Like the futures market but for a individual…me. How do I find that investor in Colorado?

  • I’m renting a home and cannot purchase a home at this time. I’m on a lease ending in June. I’ve got two kids in school and would like them to finish last two years of high school so I’d like to renew the lease but the owner wants to sell it. She’s open to selling to another investor who would renew the lease for us. How can I help make that happen? The home is in a red hot market in Arizona. The rent is higher than the home is worth but we really like it and our neighbors. Neighborhood isn’t the nicest due to no HOA but majority of the homes are kept up and no crime outside of petty theft like package theft.

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